Up and Up Coaching specializes in growing and developing leaders

Our Vision

Up and Up Coaching's Vision is to see ambitious professionals step beyond their limits to live passionately and create hope and new opportunities through their life's purpose and work, for the betterment of all current and future generations.

You can get fired or laid off from your job, but you can never get fired from your gift. So find your gift and you will always have work.
— Patrick Ratliff, Owner of Up and Up Coaching, LLC.

What You Will Learn

  • Master your Time Management so...

  • Master your People Skills so....

  • Build your key relationships in order to advance your career

  • Master Your Productivity so move forward in the right areas of your life

  • Master Your Psychology for unshakeable confidence, unbeaten optimism,

  • Master your Purpose so you never worry about moving forward in the right direction